Top 5 Reasons To Read This Book: 

1. Teaches young soccer players work ethic.

2. Demonstrates the astonishing power of visualization in achieving your dreams.

3. Illustrates the power of positive thinking to increase positive outcomes

4. Motivates young players to train hard and set goals for themselves.

5. Your will find your kids reading this book, many parents report their kids would not put it down for a week!!!

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The Old Man sat quietly at the top of Old Trafford, home of the famed Manchester United soccer team. It was a cold, rainy day, the type that English soccer has become well known for. The Old Man had wrapped himself tightly in a wool blanket as he sat in the corner of the box suite to bear the brunt of the cold. The older you get the colder you get, he thought. It had been thirty years since he had donned the red jersey, but he could remember the games, the agony of defeat, and the thrill of victory like it was yesterday. The Champions League Final, winning the FA Cup, winning the Super Cup, as well as the premiership a half dozen times, it all felt like it had just happened. He remembered all the great players he had played with and all the goals he had scored. His assists were streaming through his mind as the first half of the game began. He barely noticed the tap on his shoulder as the security guards instructed him to make his way to the field to have his number retired at halftime. This was a great honor, reserved for the greatest to ever play the game. The once masterful player strode with confidence and humility, making his best effort to conceal the limp that accompanied many great athletes in their latter years, especially on cold and rainy days. The Old Man took the elevator down to the field level. The walls shook with the applause of the fans, the result of an intensely played first half. The Old Man had been a part of many of these matches. The score was 0-0 and the Man U fans were cheering their team on, singing as the halftime whistle blew and the players made their way to the dressing room. As they left the field, Old Trafford rumbled as “Come on You Reds” echoed through her walls. As the last player left the field, the Old Man waited at the end of the tunnel, shouldered with security. Players from both teams ran up the tunnel to their dressing room but, one by one, they slowed to a walk to pay their respects and shake the Old Man’s hand. It was so loud in the tunnel, the Old Man could barely hear himself think, but he was able to read the movement of the lips. “Great to meet you” all the lads were saying as the timid gentleman shook the young players’ hands. “Great half. Best of luck in the second half,” was all the man replied. As he made his way down the tunnel, he saw the great pitch of Old Trafford. It had been years since he’d stepped foot on this grass. The smell of the stadium, the roar of the crowd, the lights, the history, it all came rushing back to him. Now he was outside the tunnel and in plain view of the crowd at the halfway line, and in an instant the crowd hushed.

The Old Man walked to the center circle where his storied number nineteen jersey was waiting for him. The stadium remained as silent as a church. It was a quick ceremony. They played some clips of the great goals he had scored, the trophies he had won, and his FIFA World Player of the Year awards, and then the owners of Manchester United raised the famed number nineteen to the top of Old Trafford, never to be worn again by another Manchester United player. The Old Man bowed his head to the fans and quietly made his way off the pitch in the same fashion he had entered it. The ceremony was a summation of his career. He had always entered the pitch humbly, driven the crowd wild with his talents, and then walked off the field, head bowed in honor of his opponents and teammates, never forgetting where he came from.

As he left the field at Old Trafford for the last time, he caught a glimpse of a young boy sitting in the third row. He was dirty on the face, wet on the beak from the rain, and pure in the eyes. They locked eyes for a twenty-yard stride, the youth in envy of the Old Man, the Old Man sensing something special in the youth—a hunger, a drive, a desire that evaded most young players and only emerged in dreams. Occasionally, the very special ones tap into that desire and drive and make their dreams a reality. The Old Man understood the look. He smiled as thoughts from his own childhood began to resurface.



Parents are Raving about #19 and The Impact it has on their Children.

  • Teaches Strong Work Ethic

    Felipe, the main character in this book uses discipline and a strong work ethic to accomplish his goal of the being the best soccer player in his village.

  • Demonstrates Visualization Strategies

    The power of visualization is imperative to having success in sports and life. Felipe teaches kids some great strategies to use on their own to get great results.

  • The Power of Positive Thinking

    Our attitudes impact our life and this books teaches players to use positive affirmations to propel them toward their dreams.

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I personally love this amazing book. I am a soccer player myself and I found this highly motivating and easy to relate to. I can see how a soccer coach wrote this book because it relates to a lot of game play by coaches. If you call yourself a true soccer fan or player, you should read this book. You won't regret the time you spend reading this book.

Kasey Player

This is a really well-written book about soccer. It is really easy to visualize the story and is enjoyable.
This book is recommended to all soccer fans!
I found this book really interesting and unable to stop reading it. Once i started reading this book, I can't put the book down and ended up reading the whole book!
You may find it easy to give it 5 stars!

JW Amazon Fan

This book is amazing. I rated it five stars because Felipe's hard work and dedication made it so exciting that I could not put it down. This book is very inspiring and made me want to play more.

Bert Reviewer on Amazon
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