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My name is Mark Connelly and I'm a soccer coach based in Southern California. I have been training young players and partnering with parents for over 20 years to help develop the next generation of technical young, super talented soccer players our great nation is nurturing.

I never won the Champions League, I never Played in the EPL, I never even played Pro...I'm a Coach and a Personal Trainer.

But before I was a Coach, I was a Division 1 Soccer Scholarship Athlete, an All-Time Leading Goal Scorer at my High School and as young boy, had a dream was to go pro after college.

Going to the Next Level (from wherever you currently are) takes work ethic, dedication, and luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get!

Sidelined by injury at a critical point in my career, I was forced to focus my passion for soccer towards coaching and helping young players hit their next levels and achieve their dreams.  The greatest pleasure I take from the game today is helping young players hit their lofty targets and elevate their passion for soccer.

As a coach, I hear from parent's all the time:

"My daughter (or son) really loves the game, and I want to help them improve, but I don't want to tell them the wrong things or teach them the wrong stuff, but I want to help them. What would you recommend?"

I, as a parent, totally understand and can relate. My daughter really loves ballet but I have no clue how to help her...but I know I have a responsibility to cultivate her passion.

Back to you...This is how you can help your child. Go ahead and drop in your email, and I will send you 3 video trainings (one per day for the next 3 days) with step by step instructions and videos to help your child get results on the field. All you have to do is follow the recipe (it's easier than baking a cake, although not as tasty).

In addition, I will send you one video a week along with weekly coaching points and tips on how to help your child become a better player on and off the field (you can unsubscribe at any time).

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Drop in Your Info and I will email you 3 FREE Video Trainings that will raise your game to the Next Level with just 15 minutes a Day! Guaranteed.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Mark, my son went from the 3rd team at his club to the 1st team. Before tryouts, for 2 weeks straight, we did your 2500 touches in 12 minutes workout...Sean was so excited when he got the call from his new coach! Thank you.

Barrie S.

Mark, Thank you for this. It has helped my son improve his skills and confidence greatly in a short amount of time.

Tom T.

Oh my goodness, Mark, I absolutely LOVE this!!! My family so doing this after school today! We do juggling in the backyard on all non-practice days. This will be our new regimen. Thank you so VERY much.

Stacy M.